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Come on in for the freshest donuts, Cinnamon Rolls, Kolaches, and Community Coffee in Tangi! We have King Cakes year ‘round! Note our brand new hours! We’re open every day from 5:30 till 12:00 Noon, and on Wednesday through Saturdays from 6:00pm till 11:00pm!

Southern Maid Donuts of Hammond, LA



Southern Maid Donuts is now in Hammond, Louisiana!

Get ready for Southern Maid Donuts! They're now available hot and fresh in Hammond, Louisiana and are now open to the public! Southern Maid Donuts is a franchise of Southern Maid Donut Flour Company out of Garland, Texas which has licensed Tommy and Michael Chance of Best Chance Enterprises, LLC, Hammond, Louisiana to open and operate the only Southern Maid Donut shop in South Louisiana with more locations to follow!

Our mission is to bring the Southern Maid Donut experience to South Louisiana by serving the freshest donuts, kolaches, cinnamon rolls, coffee, milk, and juices in a clean and friendly dining or take-out atmosphere. We want to be your 1st choice for donuts!

Why Southern Maid? Both Tommy and Mike were born in Shreveport, Louisiana back in the '50s and enjoyed first hand the whole Southern Maid experience. After leaving Shreveport at a relatively early age, both were greatly frustrated over the years of not being able to find donuts that were as tasty and as fresh as Southern Maid. In the years that followed, as opportunities arose to visit Shreveport to visit family and friends, a trip or two to the Hearne Ave. Southern Maid location was simply a MUST! The bottom line? Southern Maid Donuts are simply the best!

What are our core values? Cleanliness, Customer Service, Taste Appeal, Best Value, Highest Product Quality, and Fun! (Not only a fun place to visit but a fun place to work!)

What are we going to be known for? Our famous hot, glazed Southern Maid Donut! When the HOT sign goes on, you'll know they're fresh and hot!

This is the Hearne Ave store in Shreveport, LAThe BCE OfficersToto, the Southern Maid Donut Terrier

This is the Hearne Ave Store in Shreveport | Best Chance Enterprises, LLC - Tommy, Linda, and Michael Chance | Toto, the Southern Maid Donut Terrier 



Welcome to Southern Maid Donuts

What is your favorite Southern Maid donut?

Hot Glazed
Mini Maids (Donut Holes)
Glazed Twists
Chocolate Twists
Chocolate Iced
Chocolate Iced With Nuts
Chocolate Sprinkled
Vanilla Iced
Maple Frosted
Vanilla Sprinkled
Strawberry Filled
Strawberry Filled Vanilla Iced
Blueberry Filled
Raspberry Filled
Lemon Filled
Cream Cheese Filled
Linda's White  Creme Filled
Coconut Flaked Cake
Buttermilk Cake
Cake (Unglazed)
Yeast Raised (Unglazed)
Bear Claw
Cinnamon Roll
Apple Fritter
Sausage and Cheese Kolache
Ham and Cheese Kolache
Sausage and Jalopena Pepper Kolache

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